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Praesagus RTPO is a group of oil-and-gas domain experts. We provide consulting services to help you implement optimal and innovative practices in oil field development and production.

Do you wish to —

*   Optimize your daily production
*   Maximize your revenue
*   Take optimal infrastructure decisions
*   Implement digital technology that works

By blending decades of high-end expertise with state-of-the-art technologies and tools, we deliver all this and more


Production Optimization

Integrated Production Modeling (IPM) is using computational physics to model an oil field at both the component and system levels. Our IPM experts have decades of experience developing accurate models and taking infrastructure and production decisions based on these models.

Production Technology. Our experts help you decide on and implement the optimal technology augmentation to your field including artificial lift, sand control, deliquification and downhole remediation techniques. Our popular workshop “Produce to the Limit” helps production engineers use modern techniques and technology to extract the maximum out of your field.

Digital Oilfield

DOF Services. In association with Geologix SI we provide a wide range of DOF services, including strategy, maturity assessment, transition management, workflow design, vendor assessment and trainings.

Software Development. We develop client-specific software that integrates data acquisition, production modeling, production surveillance, decision making and automation.

Subsurface & Reservoir

Reservoir Characterization & Simulation. Our technical experts are recognized authorities in characterizing and simulating reservoirs. Dynamic and stream-line simulations of present and future scenarios helps you take optimal decisions about production and infrastructure.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). We help you choose, pilot, implement, and run the optimal EOR technique for your oil field. Be it gas, thermal or chemical injection, accurate reservoir simulation coupled with data analysis and laboratory studies helps you weigh your options before you invest.


Ashish Chitale

A domain expert in production optimization, Mr. Chitale is recognized as a technical leader in Production Optimization and Digital Oilfield, leading innovation programs driven by digital technologies. He has more than 19 years of experience working in the oil and gas industry.

Areas of expertise —
•  Production optimization — Integrated Production Modeling
•  Well modeling, nodal analysis and optimization
•  Digital Oilfield strategy, integrated solution architecture
•  Engineering workflow design to improve operations efficiency
•  New product development
•  Technology implementation and value realization

Dr. Henry Nickens
Artificial Lift and deliquification Advisor

A domain expert in multi-phase flow, Dr. Nickens is recognized as a technical leader in artificial lift methods. He is a co-author of the text book on Deliquification. He has more than 20 years of experience working with BP-Amoco

Areas of Expertise —
•  Artificial lift design and analysis
•  System optimization and integrated asset modeling using:
      Prosper, MBAL, GAP, Pipesim
•  Transient well modeling with OLGA
•  Production and artificial lift reviews
•  Fluid flow / artificial lift software development

Burney Waring
Production Optimization Advisor

A domain expert in Production System Optimization processes, surveillance, and gas lift, Burney has more than 29 years of experience in integrated asset modeling, teaching, instructional design, facilitation, and leading multi-disciplinary teams.

Areas of Expertise —
•  Production System Optimization
•  Integrated Production System Modeling
•  Artificial Lift, especially Gas Lift design and troubleshooting
•  Leading Multi-Discipline Field Optimization Reviews